Gina Lee Ronhovde Portfolio

The most important piece of camera equipment is the eye. I like the image to be as close as it was in nature, with minimal touch-up. Ideally, the right vision catches the framing, lighting, composition, and requires little caption explanation, as a photograph alone should tell a story, if not thousands. 
My eye knows what it likes, and my fingers know when to follow; it's an instinctive flow.
I know it, when I see it.



By Gina Lee Ronhovde

Salton Sea
Rebel Just For Kicks
Palm Springs Greens
Food Mart
Bike & Beach
Hay Bale
Forest Sunfire
Smoke Break
Lake Louise Ice
Independence Rock
Oregon Trail
David Lynch
Wine Glass
Henry Hill
Grace Zabriskie
Monument Valley
South Dakota
Autumn Leaves
Whitewater Preserve
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival
Emi on Red Carpet
Arin the Tattoo Artist
Journey to the Roof
Sunrise Over Clouds
Hollywood Bowl
Minnesota Grass Ditch
No Lifeguard
Deneen on Set
Mark Frost Reading
Pool Party
Henry Hill
Lines and Shape
Real Hair Color
Art Gallery Friends
Diane and Audrey Cosplay
Golden Globe After Party
Plane Seats in Mohave Desert
Le Petit Breakfast
Canvas Style
Heather Graham's writing and directing debut feature "Half Magic."
Heather Graham
Morning Coffee
Stranger Things
Favorite S Word
Plane Leftovers
Hadley at Phelps Mill
Peggy Lipton
Slayer Slate in the Sand
Hair Flip on Blue
Slayer Gear
Hair Flip
Pink Lady B&W
Night Swim
Wedding Robe
LA Sepia Style
Pink and White Wedding Robe
Hadley in Armani Lipstick
LA Style
Rooftop Bride
The More You Know
Yellow Literacy
Pink Lady
Lemon Sky
Rooftop Reading
Canvas Syle Jewelry Shoot
Living on the Edge
Canvas Syle Jewelry Shoot
Blue on Blue
Canvas Style Shoot
Canvas Syle Jewelry Shoot
Canvas Syle Jewelry Shoot
Miracle Hot Springs
Ladder Date Farm
Joshua Tree Sepia
Mineral Pool B &W
Mineral Pool
Desert Hot Springs
Miracle Hot Springs
Joshua Tree Color
Art Gallery Ladies
Desert Hot Springs Landscape
BiPlane Sepia
Aerial Palm Springs
Date Bags Sepia
Boulder Photographer
Joshua Tree National Park Landscape
Aerial Color Biplane
Aerial Palm Springs Sepia
Bag of Ripe Dates
Joshua Tree National Park Landscape

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Wine Glass

2018, Palm Springs, California, Gina Lee Ronhovde